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TH3 began in 2019. Through many months of conversations around  work, advising, and changes to the accounting industry, Luke and Drew launched TH3, CPA in order to be a different kind of accounting firm. We'd still provide all the services of your typical accounting firm but we desired to be more than accountants. We wanted to have real relationships with our clients, help them build a healthy business, and enable them to thrive



Luke hails from Cincinnati. He is a graduate of Xavier University and is a CPA. Luke started his career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers before becoming an owner at ScrogginsGrear. He has years of experience in advising the dental, legal, real estate, and services based industries. He is married to Michelle and has four incredible kids. 



Drew also hails from Cincinnati. He is a graduate of Baylor University and has a Masters degree from Southern Seminary. Drew began his career at Ernst & Young and has worked for years in the nonprofit and small business world. In 2016, he launched Trellis Club, an online bookkeeping business for small businesses. Drew is married to Jami and they have two great kids.

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