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getting started with quickbooks online

1. Register for QuickBooks Online access via the email invite we send you. Create a password (your username will always be your email when logging in). When logging in if it says you already have an account under associated with your email. It is most likely that you have an account from another Intuit service (TurboTax, Mint, QB Desktop). If so input that password. If you can't remember, you can always hit forgot password underneath to reset it.

2. Link Business Bank Account and Business Credit Cards in QuickBooks Online. You will need your online login information for your bank and/or credit cards.

Go to Banking tab on the left hand menu

Hit Connect account and input business banking login information (be sure to only select business accounts to import and select to import from furthest date available)

Once you add the first account, go back to banking tab, and on the right you'll see a green button "add account". This is where you can link business credit cards or additional business bank accounts.

Quickbooks will automatically begin to bring in your transactions from your bank account and credit card feed.

To add another bank account or credit card, you'll see the green "Add account" button on the top right of the banking tab.

That's It! That's all we'll need from you on the setup for now with QuickBooks Online.

You can access QuickBooks Online at anytime by going to

Optional: Quickbooks Online has a great smartphone app which you can download and link to your account. Search "QuickBooks Accounting in the app store" Once you've setup your QuickBooks account above, you can login via the app. QuickBooks Online also has a desktop app if you have a particular computer you want to access QuickBooks Online faster. You can always login to QuickBooks at anytime by going to You can download the desktop app here.


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