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Paying bills online via melio payments

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

You can access/ paybills via Melio at any time via their website OR within QuickBooks Online. 

Paying Bills Online Via Melio within QuickBooks Online

  • Go to the "New" + tab and select bill, or select bill from the Dashboard (you must select bill and enter as a bill to pay online)

  • Input bill details including date, vendor, category, amount, bill number (invoice number), address.

  • Hit schedule payments online and follow the steps (ensure you input the bill number and or account number in reference line when it asks) If you are entering multiple bills, hit save and new. Once you've entered all bills you can go to the "new+" button and select "Pay Bills." This will allow you to schedule multiple bills at once online.

  • *If you have recurring vendors, it's helpful to have their address saved in QuickBooks so it will auto populate the address. When you add them as the vendor and the address does not populate in a bill, you can go to the Expenses tab/ Vendors/ Find the Vendor/ Edit/ and input the address in the vendor details and save.

  • Melio will print and mail checks for you or if you have their ACH information (routing and checking number) they will ACH the vendor free. If you do have a contact email for them, Melio will ask if you want to notify the vendor when payment is on the way and the system will let them know via email payment is on the way.

Paying Bills Online Via

Paying bills via the Melio Payments website allows for a few additional options not available within QuickBooks Online. syncs with QuickBooks so no additional entry is needed. Here are additional features available via the Melio app. 

  • You can schedule recurring checks or ACH payments. For example if you want to pay the landlord every month on the 5th of the month, you can schedule Melio to mail them a check or send and ACH free each month to deliver by the date you designate.


  • You can have an approval process. If you have staff you'd like to enter and schedule bills for you, you can set them up as a "contributor user" and allow them to login under their own login and enter and schedule bills, the account owner will get an email to click and approve payments before they are sent. 

  • You can request vendor ACH information securely. If you have regular vendors who will allow you to pay via ACH, you can request within Melio their ACH information. (How to Request Vendor Payment Info)


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