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Launching a new business in ohio

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Simple tips for starting a business. We use Ohio as the example state for business registration.

  • Determine your business name- search here if a domain is available matching your business name. We love using namemesh. You may also want to search on your State website to see if your business name is available.

  • Register the domain. We prefer Google Domains.

  • Get business email. In our view, Goggle Workspace wins hands down on value and ease of use. $6 per account per month for their base plan. Contact us as we have 1 year discount codes regularly for new Google workspace accounts.

  • Register with the State of Ohio. Search Ohio Secretary of State website to ensure your business name is available. Contact us for guidance on the best business structure options for your business.

  • Get a Federal Employer ID Number online

  • Get a business bank and checking account. You’ll need your EIN and Articles of Organization for your business via the state you registered with. Check out some business banking deals. We recommend banks who have an emphasis on technology and integrate with cloud based accounting software. (Chase, PNC Bank, 5/3, Brex, etc).

  • Get a business credit card (if you plan on paying it off in full every month). Some business credit cards pay 2% cash back on everything you buy via the business. See our recommended business credit cards.

  • Need a point of sale platform? Selling goods or services on site/in store/ at events? We recommend Square. Selling primarily online? we recommend Shopify. Selling professional services? We recommend using QuickBooks Online to invoice.

  • Get a logo- it’s worth paying a bit to get a logo you love. Try Looka or Fiverr or Canva (you can create a free logo with Canva) Along with your logo decide on some color pallets you are going to use. Make sure you get copies of your logo in png transparent files as well as in multiple sizes.

  • Get a website- There are many good options here to build a simple, great looking website. We prefer Wix for service based businesses. It’s simple to build, low cost, SEO friendly, secure, and always improving. Wix regularly has 50% off promotions as you build your website which can bring your monthly costs down to $12-25.

    • See our post how to launch a great looking website in 3 days as well as our recommended website platforms.

    • Register your business with Google via Google My Business. This enables people to search and pull up your information via Google.

  • Think through your social media options. Create a business Facebook Page, Twitter account, and/ or Instagram account. Upload you new logo as well as content matching your website.

  • Get a cloud accounting platform. See our reviews of what you may need. We recommend QuickBooks Online or Xero.

  • Going to be collecting sales taxes? Signup with your state for a sales tax license. See TaxJar’s sales tax guides

  • Signup for a free Amazon Business account. It’s just easier than anything else.

  • Order some business cards. We love Canva for designing and ordering business cards as well as creating social media content.


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