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Personal Tax Return Guide

Quick Version

  • Step 1: Fill out our 5 minute questionnaire online. This helps us reduce questions and ensure we are aware of life events.

  • Step 2: Upload Your Tax Documents via the Sharefile link we send to you via email or mail them to our office.

    • Use the tax organizer (if applicable) as a quick reference for the documents included in last year’s tax return. There is no need to fill out the organizer.

    • Please do not personally email or text tax documents to us as the secure link we create guarantees the information goes to the right place.

  • Step 3: We’ll follow up with questions and any additional information needed.

Deadlines: We'd like to have to questionnaire submitted by February 17th, 2024 and all of your personal tax documents received by February 29th.

Longer Version

Fill out the 5 minute tax return questionnaire (link). This provides an overview of any changes or items we need to be aware of for tax preparation and helps reduce back and forth questions.

Once we have received the questionnaire, we will send you an email checklist with a secure link to upload your tax documents and a pdf copy of your tax organizer. Please allow a few business days to receive your tax organizer and Sharefile link to upload your documents.

Step 2: Review & Gather

  • Review the tax organizer (if applicable). The tax organizer DOES NOT need to be filled out, but only meant to be used as a quick guide to see what documents/vendors were included in your tax return last year.

  • For first year clients, we cannot provide an organizer as the organizer is built from our tax software based upon the prior year return.

  • Remember many platforms (banks/ investments) will have your tax documents online if you did not receive a physical form.

  • Tip: If you want to create a digital record of your tax documents, you can use a free scan app like Genius Scan to easily create pdf documents from physical forms via your phone.

Step 3: Upload, Mail, or Drop Off

  • If you’d like to upload your tax documents digitally, we will create a secure link to upload copies of any tax documents received. We will send this link via email using our checklist system called Karbon.

  • If you prefer to mail your tax documents, you can mail to our office at:

    • TH3 CPA 7791 Cooper Rd, Suite F, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

Step 4: Questions and Additional Items Needed

  • We will work through the documents we receive and compare it to your tax organizer to ensure we have the documents needed (compared to last year).

  • We will send you another checklist for items still needed and additional questions we have.

Step 5: Filing and Payments

  • We will prepare and review your tax return and send the return to you for your review and digital signature. If there are returns that do not enable e-signature (example Ohio city returns/ Kentucky county returns), we will mail these to you with instructions on signing, sending, and payment.

  • Paying Federal Balances Due

    • If you have a balance due on your Federal Tax Return, you can submit payment online or via mail.

      • You can payment online using IRS Direct Pay.

        • Select “Make Payment”

        • Select Reason “Balance Due”

        • Select: “Income Tax 1040”

        • Select Applicable Year: “2023” If the payment is for your 2023 Tax Return

      • We can mail you a voucher to send with a check. We will include instructions on the voucher.

  • Paying Ohio Balances Due

    • If you have a balance due on an Ohio Tax Return, you can submit payment online or via mail.

      • You can submit payment online via Ohio’s Pay Online page.

      • Pay via Guest Payment Service (unless you have registered for an account)

      • Input information required to complete your payment

Deadlines & Timing

  • We would like to have all your personal tax documents by the end of February.

  • We prioritize returns in which we have the information we need. Once we work through your return, we’ll follow up with you with additional questions or items needed.

  • Our Tax Season Flow:

    • January- 1099 Filings

    • February- Business Tax Filings (Due March 15th / Gathering Personal Tax Documents

    • March- Business Tax Filings / Personal Tax Preparation

    • April- Personal Tax Preparation

    • May-October- Extended tax return filings

  • As always, if there is an immediate need completing your 2023 tax return at an earlier date, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

  • We do utilize tax extensions. Tax extensions simply allow us more time to prepare returns and do not incur any negative consequences. Tax balances are due on April 15th. With an extension, the filing due date is October 15th. We seek to get out as many returns as possible by the April 15th due date, however, if you know you’d need your return completed by that date for other life events (buying a home/ loans etc), please let us know and we will seek to expedite it for you.


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