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The Easiest way to Pay Estimated Taxes

We are big fans of IRS Direct Pay at TH3, CPA. If you owe estimated quarterly federal income taxes, once you calculate what your estimated payment needs to be, you can pay them online in a few minutes via IRS Direct Pay.

STEP 1: What you need:

  1. You need to know how much you will be paying in estimated taxes. There is no rule for everyone on this as a lot of factors go into estimated taxes. However, your personal tax preparer should provide some tax planning to let you know what to pay in.

  2. You need a previous year's tax return. The IRS will ask a few questions to verify your identity with direct pay.

  3. Bank account information for the account you'd like the payment deducted from (routing number and account number)

STEP 2: Using Direct Pay

  1. 1. Go to IRS Direct Pay

  2. Click on "make a payment"

  3. Select that you are paying Estimated Taxes and the year.

  4. Then you'll have to verify your identity, it will ask for a few details from a previous years return

  5. You will input the account number and routing number for the desired bank account you'd like them to draft out the payment.

  6. Save a copy of the payment and you should get email confirmation as well. 


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